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10. Timisoara, 2008

In October 2008, The Fence met for the 10th time as part of the Romanian New Drama Festival in Timisoara.
We made scratch work together, met with a dozen Romanian playwrights to learn more about the state of playwriting, saw some work as part the Festival and developed plans for future meetings.
Andreea Valean
Peca Stefan
Gabriel Gbadamosi
Jonathan Meth
Neil Fleming
Hakkan Silahsizoglu
Laszlo Upor
Clare Duffy
Alain Foix
Dieter Boyer
Ewald Palmetshofer
Edward Buffalo Bromberg
Suzanna Mehmedi
Leea Klemola
Taher Najib
Catherine Coray
Doug Howe
Melissa Hardy
John Clinton Eisner
10th meeting National Theatre of Timisoara - Romanian new writing, October 4th-9th 2008.
In collaboration with Artistic Director Ada Hausvater and Festival Programmer Cristina Modreanu and their colleague Ciprain Marinsecu at the National Theatre of Timisoara. we brought Romanian playwrights and cultural operators from across the country - Dramacum and Green Hours in Bucharest as well as others from Targu Mures (dramaFest), Pitra Namt, and other cities - to meet with their European counterparts.
Catherine Coray at HotInk and Jonathan Meth liaised for over a year on how to make a really powerful meeting of the network as part of the New Drama Festival in Timisoara in October 2008, Catherine - and her colleagues Savianna Stanescu and John Eisner at the Lark Play Development Centre - added considerable further strength to this meeting by providing a significant New York involvement. John has for many years been working with playwrights across Romania and was part of the Timisoara Festival in 2007.
Practical schedule
  • Initial Meeting and learning about our hosts and each other
  • Meeting Romanian playwrights and cultural operators
  • Professional Development – skills exchange /workshop / masterclass and/or
  • Festival debate – the futures of Romanian playwriting
  • Making and presenting scratch work together - late night x 2 nights
  • Final network meeting – project presentations from across the network and future planning