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Fence Archive

2. Budapest, 2004

Budapest The Second Fence meeting ran alongside the 27th IETM Annual Plenary, held in April.

As a small satellite of a much bigger network, this enabled us to continue to develop relationships initiated in England and to begin to formulate ideas on how we might work together.

Our Hungarian host was taken ill not long before we arrived, so we didn’t have the engagement with Hungarian playwrights that we had intended.


Elena Gremina, Russia
Tatyana Oskolkova, Russia
Francisco Frazao, Portugal
Amdreea Valean, Romania
Zuzana Ulicanska, Slovakia
Edith Draxl, Austria
David Lindemann, Germany
Malgorzata Semil, Poland
Kamelia Nikolova, Bulgaria
Gabriel Gbadamosi, England
Peter Arnott, Scotland
Svetlana Dimcovic, England
Sarah Dickenson, England
Jonathan Meth, England
Romana Sustar, Austria
Milos Krekovic, Serbia
Solveig Mattson, Finland

Andrea and Elena