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29. La Charité sur Loire, France, June 2021


Dominique Dolmiue with Fred Fortas

In keeping with bilingual nature of the network, the second of the mini Fence meetings in June 2021 took place in French at Bazar Café, La Charité-sur-Loire June 24th- 28th. The Four Corners of the Word Festival (Les Quatre Coins du Mot) directed by our Fence colleague Philippe Le Moine took place from June 23rd – 27th at La Charité-sur-Loire. Together with Alain Foix and Bazar Café, Fencers became part of the festival whose theme was « bourlinguer ». This is a French word that is difficult to translate but conjures travelling linked to adventure - like sailing against the wind and therefore being quite rattled, it is more generally used to talk about travelling a bit rough to the 4 corners of the world in a somewhat unplanned way but always opened to surprises good or bad, chance encounters. This resonates with The fence itself, its characters, its diversity, its freedom, its mix of languages and cultures, its love of words and talks, its urge for exploring new grounds and territories…

Fence folk made a series of aperol-infused presentations to audiences at Bazar Café as part of the week.

Morgane Lombard

"J’adore le verbe « bourlinguer » et serai ravie de travailler sur ses sens, ses sonorités, son corpus, son étymologie….Nos métiers artistiques et nos différentes casquettes nous amènent sans cesse à bourlinguer…et nous les femmes, sommes des bourlingueuses de 1er choix!!! Pas le choix!"

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