misunderstanding each other since 2003

Fence Archive

14. Bondy,Paris 2011

Dec 12-18, 2011

Kazem Shahryani and Alain Foix


Alain Foix, France/Guadeloupe
Andreas flourakis, Greece
Andreea Valean, Romania
Anja Krans, Netherlands
Claudia Della Seta, Italy/Israel
Denis Baronnet , France
Edith Draxl, Austria
Ludwig Draxkl, Austria
Edward Bromberg, Sweden
Fred Fortas, France
Gabriel Gbadamosi, England
Gerevich András, Hungary
Jeton Neziraj, Kossovo
Jonathan Meth, England
Katja Hieminga, Netherlands
Kazem Shahryari, France
Malgorzata Semil, Poland
Mohammed El Hafi, Spain/Morocco
Neil Fleming, England
Sara Clifford, England
Claudia della Setta and Sara Clifford

We visited with three Paris organisations the better to understand diverse aspects of playwriting in France:

  • Maison d’Europe et d’Orient (Dominique Dolmieu)
  • SACD (Sandrine Grataloup and colleagues)
  • EAT (Louise D’Outreligne and colleagues)

We read short plays at the Hotel de Ville and Biblioteque in Bondy on the theme of earthquake, linking community work with newly arrived immigrant young people overseen by Kazem Shahryari and Alain Foix to work emerging from Fence 13 in Guadeloupe and explored three scenes of a new collaboration also arising from fence 13 between Sara Clifford and Denis Baronnet.

We met each other and made future plans.