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26. Sofia, May 2019

Hosted by Dimitar Uzunov with support from Ade Kuneva and the Arte Urbana Collectif, Fence Network participants were gathered from Bulgaria, UK, US, France, Hungary, Poland, Belarus, Israel, Lebanon and Turkey.

We collaborated with:

The programme of the gathering included workshops run by The Fence members with different audiences as well as meeting-discussions between all Fence members and local theatre makers.

Introduction to Theatre & Playwriting

Mentors: Hortense Gerardo (US), Laszlo Upor (Hungary) Jonathan Chadwick (UK) & Sarah Sigal (US/UK)

What are the basics of theatre and acting? How do we write for theatre and stage?

"As part of their 27th network meeting in Sofia members of The Fence Network provided a 2 hour workshop that introduced 20 students aged 16-18 of the First English Language School to the world of live performance.

Although it was improvisation, it worked well - the mentors were very inspiring and had good approach of working with students, who enjoyed a lot all the activities.

The final showcase worked fantastically well."

Krassimira Tantcheva, (Projects Manager, British Council)

Further workshops:

  • Jonathan Meth and Sara Clifford (UK) to introduce science communicators to the basics of public speaking, acting and storytelling - improving their self-presentation skills
  • Sarah Grochala (UK) & Andras Gerevich (Hungary) with theatre students and young theatre professionals at the Hungarian Cultural Institute
  • Eve Leigh (UK/US) & Henrietta Rietveld (Netherlands) & Abdelrahim Al Awji (Lebanon) with refugees and volunteers
  • Alain Foix & Morgane Lombard (France), Hasan Erkek (Turkey) & Zohar Wexler (France/Israel) with French students (in French)

Fence members on a story-telling tour of Sofia

We were treated to an excellent guided tour of central Sofia by our host, and saw productions of Jan Fabre’s The Generosity of Dorcas, as well as Long Way to the Stars, Dimitar Uzunov’s theatrical provocation around science.

Meeting participants from the Fence:

  • Abdelrahim Al Awji (Lebanon)
  • Jonathan Chadwick (UK)
  • Sara Clifford (UK)
  • Hasan Erkek (Turkey)
  • Alain Foix (France)
  • Hortense Gerardo (USA)
  • Andras Gerevich (Hungary)
  • Sarah Grochala (UK)
  • Adi Kuneva (Bulgaria)
  • Andrei Kureichik (Belarus)
  • Eve Leigh (UK)
  • Morgane Lombard (France)
  • Jonathan Meth (UK)
  • Henrietta Rietveld (Netherlands)
  • Malgorzata Semil (Poland)
  • Sarah Sigal (US/UK)
  • Laszlo Upor (Hungary)
  • Dimitar Uzunov (Bulgaria)
  • Zohar Wexler (France)